Monday, September 12, 2005

busy day, but great sex

Another busy day.

I woke up early, only to be pulled back to bed. We fuck hard and fast. We went at it missionary for a long time and I am so close to cuming for so long...I am almost at the pain point.

I turn over on my hand and knees. I buck wildly as G fucks me from behind. I cum. But instead of a hard burst, as usual in waves 1,2, 3...different, but still good.

I get up and get moving. He asks me to get him at 9:30. I come downstairs, thinking I can have a few minutes to myself. The dryer is still out, yuck! The plan for the day is a good bit of cleaning and catching up on all the laundry that has piled up. Even though it means bringing the wet clothes to the laundry mat. Alas, the boys are up soon. So we start cleaning up, and I start breakfast. I make breakfast quesadillas with fresh tortillas, yum :).

We eat and continue cleaning. We get G up at 10 (decide he needs a little more sleep, after our late night). Long story short....many loads of wash (and trips to the laundry mat) later, lots of dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming, we take a lunch, and a swim break. When we are finally done in the afternoon we all take a nap.

We start watching the Tivo'ed games, eat dinner, put the kids to bed.

Yeah, time to catch up on the blog. I bring the laptop into the living room, so I can watch the games and type. We stay up later than we should, but oh, well.

I take a shower, instead of bath (in the interest of time) G has a white panties, cut off tank and stockings ready for me. We head upstairs, G is excited about playing with his new toy, again ;)

This time he has me face him with my rear against the bed, I arch my back over the bed and he first whips my tits and then my bald pussy. The smell of the new leather fills the room.

G turns me over, and uses the new whip on my ass. I have to admit, as I said before, I never thought I would like the cat o' nine tails...but I am glad we took a chance and got it, it is pretty cool doesn't doesn't hurt at all, and leaves no marks...I am sure you could make it hurt, but with us, that is not really goal ;)

Finally, G tires of his toy and puts his cock in my cunt, with are both so excited, it only takes a few minutes before I cum, and G is ready to. I reach down and squeeze his balls, and this sends over the edge.

Ah, peaceful sleep.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blog is caught up

Sorry for not posting the last few days. Life has been hectic, as it can be at times. Barely have had time for sex (but we made time for it), let alone write about it.
The blog is finally caught up. I dated the posts as they usually are (the day after events occur), for ease of reading. Start reading at 9-8-05 for the latest updates.

Ren Faire

I love the Renaissance Faire! The boys and I have been going for the last 3 years. All the boys love it and have friends that love it too (now, that we have brought them). G, every year has said, “this year I am going”, only to not go, change his mind or have something come up…this year was no different. For the last 2 months he said he was going, but the night before told me and the kids he did not think he was going. We were partly disappointed, but not surprised and partly relieved. After all we loved it, what if he thought it was stupid.

I woke up early, and made myself go back to sleep. When I awoke again at 7, I started to get up but G, pulled me back to bed. After missing last night, it did not take either of us long to cum. G came all over my tits, he knows I prefer that he doesn’t cum inside of me in the morning (sorry, maybe to much TMI…but women know, you just drip, drip, drip all day..that’s not fun). After, I am surprised when he says, “I am coming to the faire

We head off, 2 cars, lots of costumes, and 1 faire ‘virgin’ ….it is not too far, but not just around the corner and 35 minutes later we are surprise to find 1 of the main roads is closed. We get (slightly) lost, a short delay, back on track…and still arrive just a few minutes before opening.

Great day, lots of fun. Games, shows, crafts and good food! G loves it and even wants a costume. He also finds a new toy for us. We, finally head home, exhausted, but still excited from all the fun.

Everyone, G and I included, take a nap. We feed the boys dinner, play a bit , boys up to bed

G tries on his new outfit, I shower and put on an older outfit and new bodice, I got today, on…yum, we both look hot (I think). We have a few (okay many drinks) and play cards (I kicked G’s but, in case you were curious). Lots of frolic, fun and foreplay later, we head up to bed, G bends me over the bed and yanks up my skirt. He gets out his new toy a blue leather cat o’nine tails. The smell of leather hits my nose, just as the leather hits my ass. I wasn’t sure about this toy when G bought it this afternoon, but it feels great. He whips my ass, my thighs, my pussy. I can hardly believe it myself, when I cry out, “harder”. Harder, and faster he whips me. A few strokes having me reeling as they hit my pussy just perfectly.

He pushes me on to the bed, and in 1 quick thrusts enters me from behind, I come immediately, and then again,AND again, as he seems invigorated from whipping me and pounds me hard and deep. With a guttural cry he pumps his cum deep in my cunt.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Streak ends

Hard to believe the streak ends on a Friday night, but thus is life. After only 3 hours sleep, another hectic day, and Friday traffic hell, I barely made it home and fed the kids…I took a swim and did some exercise in an effort to wake up a bit..but alas I fell asleep on the sofa around 8, and knowing that we had an early day on Sat (Renaissance Faire) G let me sleep. He woke me up around midnight and said I am beat too, let’s go to sleep.

We went to bed and…slept. 20 day streak, not too bad.

I am sure some are wondering, when is she going to have her period….god love the 3 month pill..yes, it is fairly new, and G was worried at first, “what are you doing to your body?" But my rational was, ‘we don’t want anymore kids…what is the most it could mess up? My” Thus 6 months ago I started the 3 month pill. I love it! Now I have my period only 4 times a year, once every 3 months. More time for sex…lol

Friday, September 09, 2005

Are you ready for some football

Yeah! Football is here! I love sports. When I was young my passion was baseball. When G and I were first dating he was amazed, he said I was the first person, let alone woman, that knew more about baseball then he. But then the 94 strike came along, Fay Vincent had already, in my opinion, started the downfall of baseball, then Bud Selig came along and completely buried it (ok I ‘ll get off my soap box and back on topic…).

G and I keep a notebook, with our picks (against the spreads) every year. Sometimes he wins, sometimes I do, but the competition and watching the games together is so much fun. Thank goodness for Tivo! Since we got Tivo, it’s even better. Our Sundays are no longer tied to the TV, we Tivo the games and then Sunday afternoon and evening we catch up. Sans commercials, time outs, etc we can watch a game in just over an hour (and pause if we need to do something with the kids).

Anyway, I stop at the mall trying to find, in about 20 minutes, that elusive last piece of my surprise for G, for tonight. To the fabric store for a another detail for the surprise. Success! Off to pick up little man, We get through homework and dinner (usually cook on Thursday, but in honor of the game, throw a frozen pizza in.
My surprise for G has some personalization needed, so I do some sewing while the kids eat and G works out.

I am excited, not only about the game, but the surprise I have for G. We watch a bit of the game (tivo’ed, of course)….FINALLY, all of the kids are up to bed. We pause the game and I take a shower and change into my surprise, G opens a beer and pours me a glass of wine…

Out I come, dressed as a Pats cheerleader (I think I have mentioned G is from the Boston area). The cutest, tight, spandex cheerleader outfit! Full make up and fluffy hair. And white vinyl boots. (My last minute adds…I had been trying to find the boots used (how often do you need white vinyl boots, but as you know broke down and bought them…and the outfit was blue and white, so I added some red sequin ‘ribbons’, thus my last minute sewing, in was all worth it…)

G’s eyes popped out when I came out of the bathroom, we sat down to watch the rest of the game.. We both had some drinks, watched the game (with many pauses for sucking and kissing and touching).

Finally we headed up to bed, the top of my costume came of, but my the boots and short skirt stayed on as G bent me over the bed and begin knead my ass, he fingers me, first my cunt, then my ass. G told me later, with the ‘liquid’ lubrication, he couldn’t believe how deep up my ass and cunt he had his fingers. On to the bed I climbed. G mounted me from behind, and as he began to fuck me hard, he grabbed the boot heels and pulled them up. He held me ‘wheel barrel” like and plowed me deep. I came and came again. He turned me over and I sucked and rubbed him. He came…all over me, he came so much, for a change I was glad it was not down my throat. There was so much cum, you would have thought he had not cum in a month. I feel asleep, with my skirts and boots on, after 2 AM.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another casual day

Another crazy, busy day at work, with no end in sight. So, please bear with me as my daily blog updates will be delayed at times.

Wednesday was another was another quiet but satisfying night. I have a little surprise for G for tonight so I wanted to get some rest.

Lots of household stuff to deal with; trying to get the damaged dining room furniture replaced, the dryer is not working. With the little one in kindergarten, his homework is homework for me too.

I left work late, again, so more traffic :(. Went to goodwill (missing 1 element for my surprise for G tomorrow), got little man, went home , got the boys dinner (yeah, leftover night), pick up the house, homework and baths and bedtime for the little ones, catch up the blog…whew, ready to relax.

I sit down on the sofa to read some magazines (one of my guilty pleasures) and promptly fall asleep.

G wakes me up about 11 and we head upstairs, another slow, sensuous session. Sorry for the lack of detail, but not much to tell. Our standard, casual; missionary, doggy, fun :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Slowing down, but not stopping

Sorry for the delay...usually I can get in a few minutes at work, but too busy the last few days!

Let's see...

Monday was a very relaxed afternoon for you, again. Knowing a would have a very full day Tuesday at work, I went to bed quite early. G was not feeling 100%, so it was a good rest night

Tuesday was a very rushed day at work. In early, no lunch and left late. Got home and forced myself to do some exercise (swimming), cook dinner, help with homework and almost collapse.

G sent the boys to the park (gotta love day light savings). We went upstairs and made love very slowly. Lots of kissing and whole body caressing. Very tender sex, a nice change from the rough, rabble house sex of late...well, almost, there was one part where we were doing it doggy style and G was still and I was rocking in to him, faster and faster. Very nice.

I was 'tucked in' by 8! Yes 8! I read a bit, boys came home and came in to say goodnight. Little one and I: lights out at 8:30.

I was up early again. I had lots of great, sexy dreams...just getting ready for tonight....

Monday, September 05, 2005

Where's my mojo

I know after all the great sex I have had lately I shouldn't whine... but I'll indulge just a bit.

Yesterday was a very lazy day; relaxing, reading, swimming, napping.

Last night was great, but a bit disappointing at the end. G and I had a lot of foreplay 'interludes' while I played on the computer, as we have been the last couple of weeks. When we went upstairs I asked he to tie me to the bed and leave me withering for awhile. I like this tension and waiting, but we don't do it very often....and now I remember why....

G tied me up, all four limbs stretched out to the four posts on the bed and put the ball gag and blindfold on. He gave me a good hard spanking and finger fucked my cunt, getting me very hot. He attached the metal leash to my collar and pulled the metal down the crack of my ass, through my cunt and pulled the end out so that the handle stuck out just beyond my hip. This was new and awesome! The cold steel along my hot ass and slit felt so good as he pulled the handle. I could have almost cum right the. Then he left the room...

While he was gone it was great for me to whither there anticipating his return and all of the wonderful things he was going to do. Every time I moved my head the chain would grind into my ass and pussy, delicious. When he came back he played with the chain some more and slid his hands under my chest to play with boobs. He untied me and took off the gag and I sucked him and we tried to fuck in 2 or 3 positions, but...

It just wasn't 'happening' for I remember why we don't do this...even though it is great for me. I have no problem keeping the sexual tension going, as I am tied up, with all these lovely reminding me. But when he is downstairs, just waiting, it is hard for him.

Eventually we ended up on the floor...when it was clear he was going to cum, I took matters into my own hands, literally. With a firm grasp, and my mouth got him to cum in my mouth, but no relief for me ;(

We slept until 11, you know we were wiped out! And who can blame us, 30 times in the last 15 days, without a day off. I was disappointed, but not surprised when G said he was not 'hungry' at all when we woke up. I got up and went into the bathroom...I was surprised when I walked back in and G was stroking his hard cock and said, "Shut the door and get down and the floor." I chuckled but did it. I was more surprised when he came up behind me and immediately entered me with one deep thrust, he grabbed my hips and buried himself the rest of the way. Fast and furious he fucked me, until he came...I am glad he came, but where is mine? I think he may have some making up to do tonight!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally, catching up on some sleep

Well yesterday was a very full day. I got up super early (mainly because I couldn't sleep) and started cleaning out the dining room. As I mentioned, we got some new dining room furniture. Since it hardly gets used, our dining room tends to be the 'dumping ground' for projects and things that don't quite fit anywhere else. I cleaned everything out, removed all the dishes from the old cabinet, got the old furniture (as much as I could) out, and scrubbed the carpet in the heavy traffic areas and spots on my hands and knees and then used the steam cleaner to get out the water/cleaner up, and went over the whole room with the cleaner....Whew. Typing it out it does seem like much, but it took me about 7 hours.

In the meantime G had gotten up and moved the rest of the furniture out. We started unloading the crates from the van. We knew the box with the table had been damaged (we took pictures), but when we could hear the rattle of glass in the cabinet box...augh! Indeed, the china cabinet has pains broken and the mirror is smashed. Thank goodness we wanted the new stuff for for Thanksgiving, so we have plenty of time to deal with the exchange. We were going to just touch up the table, but as long as the cabinet has to be picked up, they can just do both!

Finally, took a break and ate a late lunch. I was exhausted, so G said go take a nap. He took the kids to park and I got some shut eye. When I woke up we all went swimming, and ate dinner.

The younger 2 were pretty tired from their long night on Friday and busy day, so they went to bed early. The older one came home from work and went straight to bed. I caught the blog up, then went out to the garage. I told G, "Even with the nap, I am fading fast. I am going to take my bath." After my bath, I put on a silky short slip, G had laid out.

I went downstairs, G was ready to go right back up stairs. Since we were both a little emotional drained from the disappointment of the furniture debacle we had a nice languid 'session'. Lots of sensual, mutual rubbing and caressing. I was on my back and G put his cock in my pussy. He lifted my legs straight in the air and held my ankles. Slow and steady he fucked me. He turned me over and entered me from behind, where he continued the slow and steady pace, until I finally came. After hearing my release, he came himself.

It was nice to be in bed and 'tucked in' (another of our euphemisms) by 11. I feel fast asleep as G went downstairs. He came to bed at 1:15 (told you he is a night owl, so that is actually pretty early for him). He began rubbing my tits and ass, and we had a very quick, quickie and back to sleep. I couldn't believe it when I woke up at 5:15 and he was rubbing me again. For once I pushed him away..."No, need more sleep...if I wake up now I will be up for the day." knowing that was true, he relented and we both went back to sleep until about 9:30. A miracle for me...Yeah!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another day, another shirt

G and I both got off work at little early. He bought the delivery van home from work, because we had some new dining room furniture delivered to his work. The little guy loves the big van so G picked him up. I came home picked up a bit and we ate dinner. My oldest son left for his date and the younger 2 went to play at a friends down the street.

I sat down at the computer to "surf". G brought me in a glass of wine. He puttered in the garage and I continued to surf, when I could. With the house to ourselves, there many

G went and got the kids and they went straight to bed, as it was already past their bed time . Oldest son came home after dropping his girlfriend off and was only home a few minutes when he asked if he could spend the night at a friends house. I made a quick call to make sure the girlfriend was indeed at home, and he headed out again.

I took my bath, shaving my legs and cunt, as I do every night. G had an interesting outfit picked out for me. Another shirt he had retrieved from the donate pile. He had, of course applied some handiwork to it again, and a pair of panty hose...hmmm

I got dressed and went downstairs (pausing just long enough to take the pic), G put my collar on, and pulled me right back upstairs. He had me stand up straight and he pulled my arms behind my back and handcuffed me. He put the ball gag on me and turned me around and began to lavish my exposed breast with some serious attention. With my arms pinioned behind my back my chest was thrust out and my boobs just begging for attention. First one then the other, he sucked, pinched and bit my nipples, until the were engorged and swollen and sore.

But he wasn't done yet, he got out the nipple clamps. He pinched the clamps on and pulled on the chain. he got out a weight and attached it to chain...augh...too much I was whimpering and moaning, as much as could with the hard rubber ball distending my mouth. G knows me so well that even with the ball gag on, he could tell it went to far over the pain/pleasure line and he took the weight off. He bent me over the edge of the bed, and spread my legs wide. He made a cut in the pantyhose up the crack my ass. He spread my ass wide and begin fingering that tight little hole. He got out my favorite dildo and after lubing in up, slow and steady he pushed that thing so far up my ass, I thought I was going to split. He fingered my cunt and made sure I was nice and wet. With dildo still rammed up my backside, He led me to foot on the bed, where he had put a small 'student' desk. He bent me over the desk and crushed my chest on to the cold desk surface. I felt the nipple clamps bite into my tender nipples even more from the pressure of being smashed into the hard surface. He got behind me and while fucking my ass with the dildo, he buried his cock in my pussy. Alas, the desk was too low (best made plans) and had me crawl to the bed. He removed the ball gag and had my suck his hard cock, using the chain on the nipple clamps to pull me closer. He removed the nipple clamps and had me bend over in the favorite ass high position, and he began fucking me hard and deep. We have a new mattress and it stinks ( another story for another blog)...but soon, we moved to the floor.

Once on the floor, I resumed the favorite ass up position. He pushed my head and chest all the way down and entered me hard, deep and fast. He pulled my hips and thrust himself faster and faster. The friction on my tender nipples was amazing! As my climax built he pulled out the dildo, I exploded. G was not far behind, he pulled my hips hard again and again until he release his cum deep inside me.

I took off the pantyhose and shirt (strange to undress after sex). and crawled into bed and a peaceful slumber.

Well, at least until this morning. Although I wanted to sleep in I awoke at the still dark out, horrid hour, that I wake up for work. I tried to go back to luck, I slid out of bed quietly and began my day.

Friday, September 02, 2005

You said you wanted it in the morning

Yesterday was still busy at work and about to get busier, so I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend! Not too hectic with the family. My oldest son’s Ipod conked out (again), so I met him at the electronics store. The replacement policy is in my name. That was the best $ 40.00 I have ever spent. You go in with the broken one and walk out with a new one. He was happy as a clam, they upgraded the Ipod, to a color screen Iphoto. He went to pick up the little guy from daycare for me. I went home and started the laundry, made dinner and helped the middle guy with his math homework (boy, it’s been a long time since I had to do algebra). I got two loads of laundry done before G got home and he took over. He did 2 more loads…yeah! Now we shouldn’t have to do any over the long weekend. The oldest came in with a puppy dog look on his face, “I know I am suppose to baby sit tomorrow night, but I have to work Saturday night and Sunday night, so I really want to go out with ***(his girlfriend)” G and I exchanged defeated looks. We had been planning on going out, and ‘meeting’ (pretending to be strangers) at a bar. I love that role play and we haven’t done it for a long time. Oh, well! What can you do? G told him, yeah that was fine.

Bath / showers for younger 2, get them off to bed. Surfed a bit, but not too long, as the oldest wanted the computer to load his Ipod. I went to watch a little TV, something I rarely do (other than sports). I felt myself nodding off, I went to tell G if I fall asleep, still wake me :)

I woke with G pulling my boobs out of my shirt. If you saw my shirt yesterday, you could probably tell it was pretty easy access. He rubbed my boobs and played with my nipples for a few minutes, “Go take your bath and I made you a shirt.” He had taken one of our middle son’s old white t-shirts, recently added to the ‘donate’ box in the garage and cut 2 holes out for my boobs. I took my bath and squeezed into the shirt (you can imagine how small it was, as in was too small for our 11 year old) and pulled my tits through the holes. It looked really good. My skin is pretty olive and my nipples pretty brown, so the contrast with the white shirt was nice.

I went downstairs. G admired his handiwork, “I knew that was going to work perfect.” We sat on the couch, and kissed, and he enjoyed pulling on my tits sticking out from the shirt. He had me lay back on the couch and he began suck my right breast, then my left, then settled at the right one for a long time. Sucking on it harder and harder, making my large nipple swell even more. He began to bite the nipple. Gently at first, but the harder and harder, using his teeth the pull my nipple away from chest. He slid his hand to my cunt, which was already wet. “Let’s go to bed,” he whispered in my ear.

Upstairs, he had me lay on back as he lavished more attention on my boobs. “Get on all fours, so I can see your tits hang through the shirt.” I moved to my hands and knees, he adjusted my big boobs through the little holes. He slowly slid his cock in my pussy, he was rock hard and soon I was cuming (I have to say, I usually do not have a problem cuming…but don’t normally have as many orgasms as I have been the last few weeks. I think having so much sex, thinking about it and writing about it has me on edge so much, it doesn’t take me much to start cuming and cuming). He continued to increase his speed, I came twice more. Needless to say it was getting pretty wet. G pulled out and laid on the bed. I licked and sucked him clean. I tightened my hand around his cock and pumped tighter and tighter, leaning over him with my tits still sticking out from the shirt. “Where do you want to come? Down my throat or on my face?” Why do I bother to ask…”Down your throat,” he groaned. I continued to stroke his rigid prick, as the room was filled with his groans, “I am going to come!” I took him in mouth, and continued to suck, as his cum filled my mouth and slid down my throat. I rolled away from him and pulled of the tight shirt and fell fast asleep.

This morning as I was just beginning to wake up, G started rubbing my ass. I had two voices in my head, the first said, “for two mornings in a row I wanted it, and now I could just use the extra sleep.” The second voice said, “Ah, but you know as soon as he starts fucking you, you’ll be glad.” So true, so true…sleep? Sex? Sleep? Sex? SEX! I rolled on my back. I think G sensed my hesitation, because before you could say ‘Jimmy cracked corn’ his cock was buried deep in my pussy. As he filled me with that morning hard cock, I lost myself in waves of pleasure…here we go again. After I came, he flipped me over and into the ass high position…man, he was so hard and it felt so good…I came again. He continued to fill me for a few more minute, but soon pulled out and stood up, “ah, I don’t think I can come.” I reached out for him, and coaxed him back to bed, “let me try”. Almost like a flashback from last night, I began to pull on his cock, tightening my grip and the friction until I knew he was about to come. I put my moist mouth around his cock. He grabbed his pillow and pulled it to his mouth. As I continue to suck his cock he let out a primal scream into the pillow and I drank down his cum. Off to work for me, and back to sleep for him.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Because of my little morning tirade, I will spare you any domestic stuff. After my bath last night, G and I went upstairs. We were kissing and he was rubbing my body all over and all of sudden I had to have it. It was not what he wanted, but it’s hard to ignore some one saying, “fuck me, fuck me, please, fuck me now. I need your big, hard cock right now.” So he did; missionary and doggy, with a huge relief I came. He pulled out and spanked my ass, “You naughty girl, you can’t wait! Stand up.” I started to get off the bed, “No, stand up on the bed, and grab the rails.” (we have a huge four poster bed…I will take a picture when I get home and post it).

I stand on the bed and grab either side of the rails, it’s really a stretch. G ties my hands to the rails with some black stockings, so I can let go of the rails. He pulls my legs out, so I am standing spread eagle on top of the bed with my hands hanging from the top. He gets out the strap and starts slapping my ass. Harder and harder he swings the black leather strap he loves. When my ass is nice and red, he expands his strokes. No part of my body is spared. He strikes my breast, my thighs, my cunt, back to my ass. I am twisting and turning as his blows continue to pepper my body. The pleasure of the humiliation is exquisite. I am gasping and moaning. I can almost cum, but not quite.

Finally he unties me and throws me on the bed. Fast, deep and hard he fucks me from behind with my head on the bed, and my ass high in the air. I cum. He increases his speed, “I am going to cum again,” I call out. He rams me even hard and faster. We both explode at once and collapse to the bed. I think I am asleep in less than 2 minutes, with a huge smile on my face.

I tried for a quickie this morning. Out of the shower, panties in hand, I rub G’s hand softly. He stirs and smiles, “Morning,” he murmurs. “Are you hungry?” I ask. “mmm…yes,” he answers, but does not move. “More sleepy than hungry, though?” I ask. He says, “Yes,” as he rolls away and goes back to sleep. Drat! Oh, well there’s always tonight.

MWS saves the day...or not

A couple of people e-mailed me and asked how G and I made time for all this sex, and how we kept the desire there.

In my mind, I started mulling this over. A future blog started rumbling around my brain. My initial response would have been, "My top five things that I think are important to making our relationship work are not even sexual." I sat down to begin writing. I laugh at the vision in my head. I imagine myself a sex super hero. Can't you just see it, a husband begging for sex, the wife whining, "But honey, I'm too tired." In flies MWS, "Try these ideas"...flash forward a week later and the couple are going at it over the back of the couch, they look up and flash a thumbs up, "Thanks MWS, you saved our sex life!" Yes, I could help people! I begin writing, my fingers flying over the keyboard with enthusiastic zeal; after all I was making the world a better place...

You've got mail

"My husband showed me your blog last night, first let me tell you just what I told him, its fiction! Nobody with a family has that much time for sex. Even if you could convince me you did (but I doubt you can), my biggest question would be why? Why would anyone want to have sex that much?"

Screech! MWS goes from a triumphed flight in the sky to crashing into a trash bin.

I forgot the first rule you can't help people if they don't think they have a problem. Before you flame me, I do realize some people are perfectly happy having sex once a week or once a month or not at all. Some people...but not me, and I think, if the will admit it to themselves, not most people.

Obviously, sexual dysfunction and low sex drive are not only big news, but big business, not only in the US but throughout much of the world. And while I certainly empathize with those who have a physical problem or have psychological trauma affecting their sex drive. But to be honest, G and I both feel a big part of it is lack of effort.

I saw this interesting story on Yahoo. Basically it says semen contains hormones including testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and prostaglandins that, if you don't use a condom, can be absorbed in to a woman's bloodstream. This article says this improves mood. G and I have long theorized it helps my sex drive. I know the more I get, the more I want! The article does talk about how it can be addictive.


My response to the doubting wife:

I debated with myself whether to answer your e-mail or not, since you have obviously made up your mind already, it seemed like a waste of time. But, I finally decided you took the time to write, so I would at least write back.
I can understand you feelings of doubt and perhaps even insecurity at my life. Nothing I can say will convince you, but I will simply state that this blog is a true and accurate portrait of our life.
I will also say, like every married couple we go through our ups and downs, and we are, obviously, on a huge up swing right now.
I read your e-mail to G and he laughed, "Why? That's her biggest question. Because it's great!"
I have decided to continue to write my "five top things" that make our relationship work and will post it by the end of the long weekend.
You might try and read it, it isn't even about sex. But about what we do as a couple and a family that allows use to have the time, energy and inclination to have a great sex life.